Friday, May 28, 2010

25 weeks, 4 days...

I realize I've been slacking again...

I had my 25 week Dr's appt today and all looks good! When the nurse was checking my heart rate she said, "Has anyone ever told you that you have an irregular heartbeat?" I said, "Um, no..." She took it four times, tried both arms, and said that it sounded most definitely like an irregular heartbeat! So I told the Dr when he came in and he checked - sure enough, he heard my heart skip three different times! He said there was nothing to worry about and there was nothing to be done about it. Just one of those things that's been brought on by pregnancy! The Dr jokingly said, "Is it me? Do I make your heart skip a beat?" I laughed and said, "Um, sorry, but no, you don't!" We both had a good laugh about that!

He measured my belly and said it's the perfect size - 25 inches. Then he proceeded to tell me that I'm also growing to the sides - what every woman loves to hear! I rolled my eyes - he said, "There's nothing wrong with that! As tall as you are, I'm not gonna be pleased unless he's at least 8 lbs!" I made a face and he said, "Dad's like big babies! They don't want to have a runt!" I said, "Yes, but mom's aren't real fond of big babies!"

I asked him about other ultrasounds, but he said he doesn't usually do any more unless something is wrong or my measurements are off. He said right now he's not worried about doing any more because my measurements are right on. In 2 weeks I'll do the glucose test - fingers crossed. Then I'll have my next appt on June 25 - then my appts will be every 3 weeks instead of every 4.

I mentioned our vacation to him again and he said he sees no problems with me going. Just to take several breaks while riding in the car and to take it easy - which I doubt I'll have a problem with! :)

I registered us for "child birth prep classes" today which start June 7 - I wasn't sure I wanted to take them, but why not? And my back is doing MUCH better!! The chiropractor gave me a lift to put in my left shoe and after wearing it for only a week she said she could tell a huge difference in my posture and balance. (Thank goodness!)

As for Jack - he weighs about 1-1/2 lbs and is about a foot long. His heart rate was around 150 today which Dr said was good. I think he might've kicked the heart monitor too! His eyes are fully developed now tho I'm finding contradicting ideas - either his eyes are open and he's learning to look around OR they're still sealed shut.... The sacs in his lungs are still forming and his brain is still growing. And I found that his name means, "God is gracious," which I love!

Tuesday I went shopping with my mom over in Missouri and ended up getting very sick! Needless to say, our shopping trip was very short! Not sure what brought it on, but I've been OK ever since! Thankfully! That was NOT pleasant!

Dave likes to see if he can listen to my stomach sometimes when we go to bed. He said he hears faint gurgles, but doesn't know if that's Jack or me. He likes to 'yell' into my belly, "I am your father," Vader-style which cracks me up! After I read him an article about how the baby can recognize his mom AND dad's voices, Dave likes to talk to him quite often. His head was resting on my stomach last nite and Jack gave a pretty good "kick" - too funny!

Seems like I have more to report on, but I can't think right now. Hope everyone's doing well!

Peace & Love....

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